Tuesday, October 21, 2014

High Hopes Challenge - Think Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

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This week the High Hopes Challenge is "Think Pink" for Breast Cancer Awareness. Great Challenge don't you think? I went for one of my older High Hopes Images, one of my favorite girls!

This is "Cowgirl Candice"  - love this gal and her horse! I then found the sentiment "Friends are We..."  thought it matched up pretty good with a girl and her horse. I colored with Copics (colors below) and then found some perfect papers... pink for the challenge. From Carte Bella called "Giddy Up!" A piece of brown and white gingham ribbon some punched leaves and flowers to complete the front.

Inside more of the same papers... using up scraps.

Copic Colors used -

Fabulous challenge this week with the "Think Pink" theme. It would be great if you join us. Just use any High Hopes images and the color pink. Then you could possibly win some more High Hopes for yourself! 

Hope you have great day planned - maybe some craft time? 
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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Animal Crackers - Grazing for Attention


Earlier in the week I walked over to the neighbors pasture to visit my girls. They were all busy grazing finding all the little new grass coming up since our tiny bit of rain. Funny how just a little rain does so much! Look how they are all so focused on eating to even notice me... well all but one...

Little Miss Mirta - she always wants her head scratched and some attention.

Totally sweetie - we refer to her as obnoxious friendly, a little pushy and demanding if you don't give her attention. So we give in and spoil her.

Two more in the obnoxious friendly category  for sure would be Felicia and Lydia - They have become BFF's for sure.

Ellie Mae and Gabby are more moody.. sometimes they fall into the obnoxious and other times they will look up and say.. nah ain't worth it right now. Ellie Mae had just looked up to see "Dad" working.

And when I looked to see why she was so interested....

 My palms started sweating and I was freaked. He was fine heights don't bother him at all. Me.. oh yea. I told him how nervous I was and he rolled his eyes and said it was only 13 - 14 feet high. ONLY???  I don't like ladder or heights. Step ladders make me nervous. But then again we all know I am klutz.

He was putting the last of the the rafters at the top of the neighbors barn. He had a break for awhile, waiting for metal to come in, we had shows, then he was a little under the weather, but he is now back at it and says it will be weathered in by the end of the month. Then he can start on all the cosmetic things. Stalls - tack room - dutch doors for each stall and trim.

Hope you have a great weekend.
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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

High Hopes Challenge - Anything Goes!

Howdy -

This week the High Hopes Challenge is wide open! Anything Goes! Just use a High Hopes image and go for it! I was in the mood for something different.... something I haven't used in a while and a little different card --- I went with a pocket and tag for the front!

These images are -

Happy Flower Pocket - Froggy Tag - Keep this Tag

A sweet little frog tag that I added the sentiment to - 

Colored with my Copics (colors below) the tag slips into the pocket on the front of the card.

I used papers from My Minds Eye and then a Martha Stewart Border and Corner Punch. I sewed all the layers together. After attaching the pocket making sure that the adhesive allows the tag to slide in and out. I added some viva decor pearl paper pen dots for some added bling.

Inside - 

Copic Colors used -

 Sometimes it is just fun to work with something a little different. Card may have ended up a little springy? I thought it was end of summerish when I started them.. LOL

Now is the time to join in the High Hopes Challenge! Anything GOES! So hop on over to the challenge site and join us for a chance to win more High Hopes!!!

Thanks for visiting me and hope you join us for the High Hopes Challenge!
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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Animal Crackers - Hello How Are You?


You know the movie Sahara... where the side kick guy always say "Hi, How Are Ya?" through out the entire movie. I love that. And that is how I hear Frankie's Voice when he is trying to get attention. LOL Can't you hear it?

"Hiiiii, How Are Ya?'

Love this guy... wish he didn't smell like he was dead already. But WOW things are rank in the goat pen with all the guys right now! Whew! But that face... even with the stink he is adorable. You see those dots right on the end of his nose? That is the safest place to scratch him. Anywhere else and you may have to remove your fingers to loose the smell!  Here he actually was apologizing for pulling his water line loose from the fencing... again... the boy gets bored and that sometimes leads to trouble.

Speaking of Trouble... LEON! The dude is king large in the Heritage pen. We are finally working on getting them into new pens soon. But Leon has really staked his claim and big guy on campus. And he is BIG!

Need to find a away to show you just how huge he is... Those are some really large meaty legs there! But he is safe... no roasting any of my kids.

The last few days I have been watching over Alice again. She was my sick little chick when we first got them. After lots of TLC she was fine and has been growing and is stunning... but Wednesday this week she sprained her foot or leg...

 Poor gal has been limping pretty bad. I can't really do much for her other than make sure she is still getting around, drinking and eating well. Took her favorite snack in the other night and purposely put it on the other end of the pen. She was right in the group after it and all though only on one leg was keeping up with her share of the corn and crackers.

Now Hubby wanted me to show off one of his new friends. He has been talking to and getting to know this little guy since he was barely big enough to jump.

  We love tree frogs here. And get excited when ever we find one. This guy has gorgeous coloring. A light grey green with dark highlights. He lives on and around the big Donkey's water bucket. Nice cool moist grass around the bucket you know.

Here he is listening and talking back to Hubby right at dark one evening.

Wanted to show off some doggie photos this week, and I snapped a few, but I was so embarrassed  over how horrible they look I just couldn't. Sweet little precious dogs... that rolled in something nasty. Not sure what. Had to run into town yesterday and get some shampoo for them and try and clean off the stink! If I didn't know better I would have thought that they had gotten in with the boy goats! PHwewe! LOL

Hope you have a great weekend planned - We are hoping to go see some good friends new baby! Can't wait!!!
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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Whimsy Stamps - Party Animal

Howdy -

This week I made a card for a neighbor friend who has a birthday this weekend. I went with one of my favorite Whimsy Stamps images - From Crissy's Digitals -

"Party Animal"

Great Fun Birthday image - I colored with my Copic (colors below) Then found papers from Authentique. Had to keep it a little more manly than I wanted. I had some flowers and leaves and such picked out. But since this is a farmer "guy" friend I backed off of the frills. I did pull out some of my Whimsy Dies, Corner Die set for the image scalloped corners.  And then for the sentiment "Birthday Sentimentables" I sewed all the papers together.

Inside more of the same papers -

Copic colors used - 
 Love this image for birthday cards! I think our friend will like it. Now I am going to clean off my desk and put away the last months worth of projects. Then I think I will do a little more coloring.

Have a wonderful day -
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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

High Hopes Challenge - Fall or Halloween


After some much needed sleep and a day or so of total crashing we are back up and getting to normal around here. The show was great and we saw lots of our "Antique" Friends. (Collect Antiques... not saying they are Antiques... )  But now it is time to get things back to a routine and caught up on things. First for me was some coloring... LOL priorities you know. Had to get my challenges done!

The High Hopes challenge this week is Fall or Halloween - this image is one of the new releases... "Halloween Kitty". 

Sorry for the odd angle... My photo area is a bit of a mess and space was limited. Colored Kitty with my copics (colors below) Finding out that is way past time to order some refills as I am really stretching some markers and some have just plain given out on me. Had to do some thinking when I started the back ground coloring... then ended up with BG93... was a tad darker than I wanted so I went in with a "0" blender and gave it some shadows and thinned it out. Thinking a happy error in the end. Still need to get those refills though...

My papers is Graphic 45, just cut out one piece. Was already layered looking like that. Simple for my weary brain. I then found one of my iron fence dies. Think this one is Memory Box - cut out a few of those ... Halloween cards need a old iron fence right? Die cut out some letters for BOO... not sure why as there is not a ghost. Told you my brain was weary.

Inside scraps - 

Copic colors -

Now tip toe on over to the High Hopes Challenge then you just might want to head to the High Hopes store and see all great new images. Halloween - Fall - Christmas!

Have a wonderful Day!
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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Animal Crackers - Resting on a Good Friend

Howdy -
Well this week I am going to show a few photos that I have taken over the past couple of weeks.. you see this past week we were at the Antique Show all week. So I took a few extras for you to see this week :0)

First up is lazy Patti... good thing Vicki is an accommodating friend.

You ever have one of those days where your head is just too heavy to hold up? Patti sure was happy Vicki was just the right height!

Caught Lydia in a blink here...

Such a beautiful red on her face don't you think. And she has such dark eyes and eyelids... almost looks like mascara. Sweet pretty girl.

While over at the boys pen I got a chance to love on our boys we are babysitting. Toffee and Coffee.

We sold these two guys to the neighbor years ago and they are sweet as can be. But when time to load up and go to their new home they said no that they wanted to stay here. It had been a long day and was raining so we said they could stay here for now. That was a couple of years ago. And we still love these two here.  Technically they are living on the neighbors property and so they are still home for them. We just keep a close eye on them. Diego and Flavio live with them too. A sort of Frat house Pen.

One more this week...

Found Sandy going to town rubbing her back on the spool table. They LOVE these spools. Great for climbing and laying on top of.... but JUST the PERFECT height for some much needed scratching! She was moving that table all over the place rubbing on it. LOL

Well last day of our show... then we take down. Whew... long week. I may sleep for a couple of days before I venture out. LOL

Hope you have a great weekend -
Hugs and -