Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Whimsy Inspiration - Birthday Kitty

Howdy -
Today I have a card to show you that I did with one of the new Whimsy Stamps for the month. This is Birthday Kitty from Lia Stampz -

 I really had fun coloring up this kitty! Used my Copics, and went for a calico cat. Don't he look like he is having a lot of fun at his party? I found some papers from my stash of scraps that went well, including some shiny card stock I think that is from Bazzil? Then I used some ribbons and flowers for the corners.

Inside more papers -

Copic Colors Used

 A fun quick card. I just love kitty cards! Now make sure you see all the new at Whimsy! Those Digital images can be in your email pretty darn quick for you to be coloring right away!

Hope you have a wonderful day -
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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

High Hopes Challenge - Polk - a - Dots!


Today is Tuesday and that is the High Hopes Challenge Day - And today is a fun one ! Polk - A - Dots! We all love dots don't we? My card was one that I just flew with and had some fun! And pulld out a High Hopes image I haven't used in a long time.

Who doesn't love a bunch of pigs in a bath tub? 
  This one is called "Good Clean Fun" I colored with my Copics (colors below) Then added stickles for the bubbles... cuz bubbles have to sparkle!

My papers are are from Graphic 45 - And the PERFECT Sentiment is also from High Hopes - "Hog Wash!" 

Inside are the same papers -

 Copics used -

This one is one I really had fun with and is one of my favorites! I just love those little piggies!

Now make sure you hop over to the High Hopes Challenge and see all the DT work and then we would be thrilled if you would join us! And win more prizes!

Hope things are good where you are... we have spent the last couple of days hosing down some of the outside pens. Chickens are really having some issues with the heat! 100 degrees days in a row seem to really do damage! So lots of water and sprinkling down things every few hours seem to help. What is it like where you are?

Have a great day -
HUGS and

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Garden Sunday - Concrete Donkey


Since not much is growing here I thought I might take today to show you one of my favorite things here. This old Donkey concrete Statue -

This old piece of concrete was here when we bought the place many years ago. Found it in some very deep weeds under a tree. Loved it the day we found it. But then when a few months later we purchased our first donkeys and started "DonkeySmiles" it really has become special.  Ears are long gone and the concrete is smooth with age, but still has so much personality. 

Now it sits under the tree in the backyard. And yes I know back in the weeds... hey it is just too hot to mow right now, and at least the weeds are a little green. 

Side  view -

Also wanted to show off how much Hubby has gotten done on the neighbors barn!!

90% of the framing is all done. Next are the frames for all the double dutch doors down the sides. There are 9 of them... And then two huge sliding doors on the ends. Then the metal siding. I am so proud of how much he has accomplished in this 100 degree heat and all by himself. Those peaks in the center are over 18 feet high so it has been a challenge for sure. This last week he has had to stop working on it every day between 2-3 pm as the pieces of metal just get to hot to work with.

Hope you have a wonderful blessed Sunday!
HUGS and

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Animal Crackers - Bye Bye Pedro


Was a long week here. I have been working like crazy - heat - and we said good bye to another donkey that was sold. I purchased a huge collection of stamps last week and took a couple of days to unbox and sort them, and now I am putting them all onto eBay... you might want to peek :0) It is going to take a while to sell them all.. but I am going as much and as fast as I can.

We said Goodbye to Pedro.

We had a very nice lady call a couple of weeks ago and was interested in a donkey. Well she called again the week and was ready. Her and her son came to see the boys. After a little while with everyone she decided she liked Pedro. Pedro is a Darlene Baby- so he has that sweet slow personality and is very friendly and loves attention. All though here we had to take a break from going to the trailer and he was questioning leaving. After getting to his new home he has new friends and is settled in and doing well.  We are going to miss him terribly, but he is going to be spoiled have lots of new friends and family.

For a little while they were talking about taking Jorge -

 When they decided to go with Pedro I could see the relief on Hubby's face. He is totally in love with Jorge. Well all of them, but Jorge is like his little shadow. Follows him everywhere when he can. After they pulled away with the trailer Hubby looked at me and said that Jorge was now on the not for sale list. He just can't let go of him. I can't argue... Sergio is on the list for me. We are not the best ranchers sometimes our not for sale list gets pretty long... LOL Oh I am sure if the right person came and we had nothing else available we would rethink our list. But for now... we have two boys on our list in the youth boys pen.

Got a funny shot of Lilly...   That is a little tree we have been trying to protect in the goat pen.... but it just wasn't to be. It has died. From LOTS of head scratching. 

 You can see how they have rubbed the bark off of it. Now please lets not say anything out loud about Lilly's "extra weight" you would think she was huge pregnant... but she isn't, she is one of the older Ladies, and has had LOTS of babies in her life. She loves having babies. Been known to steal a few when she didn't have one of her own. But it has now gotten to dangerous for her to have babies. All she does now is lead everyone else, sleep, and eat. And this girl LOVES when "Dad" shares oatmeal cookies! But we don't allow that very often at all... due to that little extra weight. LOL

I have been showing you the beautiful colors the Heritage Chickens are getting in.

 Inge is really just now really changing and looking gorgeous. She is a Swedish Flower Hen chicken and rare in these parts. I only got her as she was an accident left behind at the breeder. She is really beautiful.

As are the Lavendar Ameraucanas - They are so different that the other girls. 

This is Orchid - She always looks so "poofed" up. Love those little cheek feathers. Really pretty in the sunlight. And really fabulous fuzzy rear end photos... but I'll save the back end shots for another day.

Then I walked by the "Cat House" and found Momma Cat in the house and out of the heat.

 Life is tough for these cats...  She has those gold eyes that just are so striking. So happy the are all getting so much calmer. Thought about climbing into the house and joining her she looked so relaxed!

Hope this week gave you a little smile -

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

High Hopes Challenge - Bug it!


This week the High Hopes Challenge is all about Bugs! "Bug It!" - Use a High Hopes Stamp with a Bug image or use bug paper or embellishments. Well if you read my post Sunday you know I am not happy with the bugs here lately. But this High Hopes Bug seems nice -

"Sweet Dreams

Love this little guy - I colored with my Copics ( colors below ) Then I pulled out a new paper pad from Marion Smith Designs, "Mad Hatter" fun papers for sure! I inked the edges cut out the clock and roses and stuck it all down. Added some Viva Decor pearl pen dots. The sentiment is also High Hopes - thought it was funny with the image. "Take time to smell the flowers!"

Inside more of the same papers - and another sentiment from High Hopes - "Its your day, dive right in!" You can dive into a hammock right?

Colors Used -

Hope you can join us! We really would love for your to win!
Have a great Tuesday -
HUGS and

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Garden Sunday - Buds

Howdy -

I asked Hubby to take me a couple of shots of the Garden yesterday evening while he went out to water. I was really surprised to see just how much the Tomatoes had grown!!

 Just over a week since I took the photographs I showed last Sunday - we did have that little bit of rain one night so that is probably what helped. We are even showing signs of buds! Buds mean Tomatoes!

He also took another photo that surprised me! We have one fruit tree that hasn't been planted yet, still in a pot near the door of the greenhouse. A Pear... And look what he snapped yesterday -

 YUMMY! I just hope the tree stays healthy and we get to eat these before something or someone else finds them. We have been really nervous about our little orchard. You see we have now had attack of the grasshoppers here. Millions of them. Would be fine if they ate the weeds - but they have decided to go after the fruit trees. Hubby has been really watching them close and hoping that they won't die from all the damage from the bugs - Hot Texas Summer and certain bugs just really go nuts. I just hope they eat the leaves and move on and don't kill the trees. Lots of time and money and then we would have to start all over. Isn't Gardening Fun? Sigh....

Hope you have a blessed and wonderful Sunday -
HUGS and

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Animal Crackers - Lawn Mowers


Yesterday was lawn mowing day. All natural you could say - We set up temporary pens around for some of the donkeys to move out and not waste what is left of of the grass around here. They youth boys love days when we do this... no time for head scratches or attention they have a job to do!! And they do it well! A few hours and one spot and grass is down and mowed very well!

 Handsome men... and soooo sweet. But when they are busy they are busy.

Speaking of a job to do - Found one of the outside kitties seriously at work.

Fraidy Cat has become somewhat more friendly, still cautious but doesn't totally freak and run when they see us coming. Yesterday he couldn't leave... he had sport going on. Now at first look you would think oh... he killed a mouse. But you see that little mouse is still VERY MUCH alive... ok at this point alive, I am sure in the end he wasn't. Fraidy would drop him and stare him down. Daring him to move. I watched this for at least 20 minutes. Drop - Dare - Twitching - Mouse takes off and then Caught and it all starts over again. He was so proud of his hunt.

So proud this photo has NO ZOOM! He stayed there, slight growl and the mouse under one foot. This cat is so stunning in his coloring and pattern. He is striped around his head, neck and tail. But his body is totally spotted. So happy he is letting us interact a little and talk more to him. Not a very smart mouse though. A million acres to wander on and that mouse had to go though the cat house area... not smart at all. But it did provide entertainment all afternoon.

The three standard donkeys then showed up for some refreshing afternoon water. Dad filled their bucket with cool water, when it is over 100 degrees, that fresh water is wonderful - Valentine was swishing and in the water -

Cocoa Bean was making her way as well, then paused to see what the doggies were barking at. Make sure everything is safe and ok you know.

She is always paying attention. Dogs were just barking at each other to hear themselves so all was ok to move forward. Love this gal. She is basically a rescue donkey. We bought her as a friend for Ted to wander with. She was pregnant with Valentine at the time and was so skinny and didn't look healthy at all. So we decided we needed to help her have a better life. Brought her home, she ate well and delivered a healthy little baby boy... who after 5 years still follower right behind her everywhere she goes. Now... she is OVER healthy. You would think we feed her extra meals and junk food. But nope, she only lives off the land and hay flakes in the winter. She seems happy here and loves that she is in control of her land and other donkeys.

 Ted is one of her shadows - our Walmart Greeter - He loves to meet people at their cars, say hello and make sure they are not there to see him about anything.

 Calm, loving and just the best friend ever. Well unless you are a coyote... the boy doesn't like them and I have seen him take care of them before. WOW.

One more today ... if you look really close you can see Mallory...

 New Dog Igloo was found for the goats last week. We have a handful of them now. And will buy every one of them we can find at Flea Markets and Garage Sales.  In the beginning we bought some new. They are pretty pricy... We have found a few at sales and get them for $10-20 bucks now. They are FABULOUS for the goats. They destroy all the huts we build out of wood. So now they get these. They are very durable and well.... you can see a great place to get out of the sun! She was really enjoying this new hut.

Well hope you got a smile out a few photographs this week. Things this time of year are usually pretty slow and not easy to find great photographs. Just too darn hot. But snapped a few... hopefully can get more this week.

See you tomorrow for Garden Sunday-
HUGS and