Saturday, July 4, 2015

Animal Crackers - Haircuts all Around!

Howdy -

Well finally yesterday morning we had time to do some haircuts! Now normally we only shear Autie. His hair is so thick and so long we do it at least twice a year sometimes three times, just too hot and humid here for him. But while doing Autie we decided that both Libbie and Chica could use some shearing and do them as well. Now Autie is normally great - no problems other than when he gets lazy and decides to be a chunk of lead and lay over. Well yesterday he was just wiggling and not cooperating at all. He wasn't bad... just squirmy. And that  really did not give him a good haircut at all. As I told Hubby good thing we didn't pay for his "grooming"  cuz I would demand our money back for sure! LOL Hopefully we will get him smoothed out in a day or so when his mood changes.

 Hacked Haircut but still adorable!

Then we decided to get tough and do Chica. This girl is not easy to work with when trying to do anything. Baths, clipping toe nails, brushing. She is trouble! Uh.. hello? Don't know what dog we were working on but she was an angel! Sat and stood when we needed and didn't wiggle at all! So then we figured Libbie was going to make up for it. But the girl was fabulous too!! Well except when she fell asleep and I wasn't watching and she fell over... :0)

She ended up looking adorable! Love how they look like puppies after a haircut! She may be my old lady... but she looks like a young pup!

Chica just wouldn't sit for a photo... all that being still has the girl with lots of energy late in the day.

Went to see my boys yesterday while Hubby was washing and filling their water buckets yesterday evening. Sergio was way out in his pen with all the guys. They all started heading right for us! So sweet how they love us and want a kiss and some lovin'... 

Uh Serg...

He decided that a good dirt bath was needed before he came to me. Man it must have really felt good he was scratching his back and flipping that tail big time! Then he got up and came for his hug. Of course now covered in dirt... but I still gave in to him. Love my orphan baby boy and a little dirt won't stop me from a hug from him!

Walking back from the guys I stopped to talk to Doc and Wyatt. Ok.. still not happy that I have parted them from one their Mom, Chloe. But two, from all the girls. Teenage boys ya know... LOL

 Don't worry Doc... with those looks I won't be waiting too long before you get your own girlfriends! Stunning!!! And sweet too.

Then I found Thelma... man she can stretch that little neck!

She gets more long grass outside the pen than any of the other little goats. That neck is like a giraffe! Enjoy sweetheart... little longer and those horns will be bigger and those little 4x4 holes in the pen will no longer be a door to more green grass.

I hope that all in the US enjoy a safe and happy 4th of July holiday with friends and loved ones -

Hugs and -

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Whimsy Stamps - Three French Hens

Howdy -

Today is my first day "on the job" at Whimsy Stamps! So excited about joining this DT.  Decided that "Three French Hens" would be fun to color up - fitting in with a little Christmas in July theme!

Love this image... Maybe it is just that the chicken in the middle is wearing a hat. LOL Heck I love all chicken images don't I?  I colored with my copics (colors below) Great trio -

I then went through my stash of Christmas papers and found some scraps from Graphic 45 that looked good with my "chicken" colors. I used the Whimsy Shapeology Die "Double Scallop Border die"  Didn't show all the die, but liked just the double scallops peeking out.

The layers are all sewed down with a zig zag stitch. Chickens zig and zag a lot you know!

The sentiment is a Whimsy Die as well from the Sentimentables Die "Holiday Set"  I cut three out two in green and one in yellow... layered them. They look a little better in person, kind of was going for a shadow look... not sure I pulled it off - ;0(   

Inside I used more of the same papers -

And here are the Copic colors used -

 Happy camper here... having fun with lots of favorite artist at Whimsy! Been coloring like crazy the last couple of weeks. Really I have... my house shows it! LOL

Hope you have a blessed day -
HUGS and

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

High Hopes Stamps - Gabriel Loves Baseball

Howdy -

High Hopes Stamps fun today playing a little baseball... okay coloring a little baseball - This is "Gabriel Loves Baseball" - great image for any guy.

I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then dug through my papers and found these fun papers from Kaisercraft's Cock-a-doodle-doo collection. Great cloud papers for a baseball game. I sewed down the layers with some white and red card stock. Punched out some Whimsy Banner Die cuts. Then added  "Congrats!" sentiment.

Inside I used some of the same papers - Then added the sentiment "Simply the Best" from the Sentiment #3 set. Fabulous set of sentiments.

The copic colors used -

This was a fun one to put together! Loving the new release, so many image for the guys in your life no matter what the age.

Hope you have a blessed day -
HUGS and-

Monday, June 29, 2015


Howdy -

I have been bursting with excitement to share... I was asked to join the Whimsy Stamps DT! I have SOOO missed the working with Whimsy Family since the Digital side was closed down. I love the company, the stamps and especially the People!! So when asked if I wanted to join the Rubber stamp team.. I think I shouted back a Yes within a half a second!

 So excited to join the team! Thank you Denise and Debbie and I look forward to working with all the great girls on the team!!

Showing off a close up of "Sweet Little Donkey"  - 

HUGS and -

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Animal Crackers - Why do the babies have to grow up so fast?

Howdy -

So we finally got a couple of rain free days for Hubby to start getting caught up on the mowing. Love the green growing, but man it is growing! Hubby got going good on the mowing and then the belt broke. Sigh.. Life right? Doggies yard got mostly done, so they are happy. The rest will wait til next week when the part comes in. More rain due for a few days anyway.

I spent the afternoon in with the goats yesterday. Need to work on my babies and keep them friendly, and they just grow up so fast and get so big I can't pick them and love on them for too long.  All the rain it gets hard to get out there and love on them. But they still know their names... One call of Thelma and she popped her head up and said "Hi!"

Isn't she adorable. I know they all are. I tried to get a photo of Thelma's sister Louise, but that girl was totally focused on finishing up the last of their breakfast hay with her Mom and could care less that I was really wanting her to pose really pretty for me. 

Now Jackie... she was posing pretty in the shade for me. 

One of my fall bottle babies, this girl needs no bonding. In fact I am lucky to have snapped the photos of her before she realized I was looking at her and she screamed an popped up for a snuggle and some scratches just behind those new little horns. I adore Jackie... I love them all but there are a few that you just really bond with and have a little special relationship with... shhh I try to not let that out to them though.

Annie and Frankie - The perfect couple.

Not the best photograph through the fencing, but you can get the idea. I have no idea why Frankie and Annie have such a special "love". They really do though, they just get along and love on each other. There is no head butting, no fighting between them like all others. They love to lay next to each other when resting and the nuzzle and hug on each other all the time. I never see any of the others do this nuzzling, especially the guys with a girlfriend. They are a great pair to be pen mates and live together. 

Now Abigail... Annie and Frankie's baby from last fall...  She is not so happy that I took her Mom out of the main pen. It was more than time for her to be weaned, but she is still not happy.

Always a bit skittish, and not the first to come up to me, but now with out Mom she is even a bit more cautious. Or was it just hiding from Spartacus? Most of the younger girls try and keep out of his path.

Last weeks photo didn't show you just how handsome he really he is. 

Now in this photo he was "flirting" with Lizzy and Jackie. Check out that raised hair down his back. And that lip was chattering. That means I am the hottest little stud in your life and you want me. Ok.. so the girls are still laughing at him. But one day that will mean something!

Chica was just simply boarded with my time outside and was ready to head back in. Found her on the back porch yawning waiting for me.

 The heat and humidity here is getting really tough.... ok, tough for us that like the air conditioning inside. The three doggies love to go outside to confirm the world is all good, but in the middle of the afternoon it is short trips around the yard and then right back in.

Got some really fun news I think I will be able to share this next week! I am so excited and think I am going to color today to celebrate! :0)  How is that for a teaser? LOL

Have a super blessed weekend -
HUGS and

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

High Hopes Stamps - Bob Loves His Tractor

Howdy -

Today I had so much fun working with one of the new High Hopes Stamps images. "Bob Loves His Tractor" is one of those have to have images that works well with the cards I make for friends and family. And with Bob riding on his tractor I just had to pair it up with the "Barn" image.

Other DT have done this too... maybe it is because they just scream out to work together! I stamped Bob, then stamped a mask and cut it out and covered over him. Then stamped the Barn. So much fun now I had an entire scene to color! I started to pull out animals and fences and such, but realized my card was already full. But ideas are a working....

I colored my copics (colors below) and then found a pattern paper from Farmhouse that looked great with the kraft card stock and dark red Bazzill card stock. I sewed down the layers with a zig zag stitch, and created the bottom to my card matching the top. I used a sentiment from the the "Sentiment #4 Set". Ready for any guy card don't you think. Oh I added three small buttons on the bottom corner, too hard to not add some sort of embellishment. Then while getting ready to photo my card I realized that the puffs of smoke out of the tractor needed "more" as well. So I found some white puff paint in my stash. I have no idea how long I have had it..

Close up of the "scene".

And Copic Colors used -

I think my favorite part of High Hopes images is that they work so well together. New and Older images. I can dig back to some of my oldest favorites and pull them out and they have so much fun with the brand new!

Hope you have a wonderful day planned. I think Hubby will be looking a lot like "Bob" today.. lots of mowing to do on his tractor today! LOL

HUGS and

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

5 Years Ago Today -

Howdy -

Time flies by doesn't it? It was 5 years ago today that things changed for me. A split second accident that seems so unbelievable when I think back -

5 years ago while home alone, I was out with the animals and was hit in the eye with a bungee cord. I know most all of you have been with me through it all and remember. I look back and count all the blessings that I have. And how blessed I was that day. Leaning over a fence while watering the goats, I reached to get a stick out of their water bucket. The pressure down on the fence let loose a bungee cord holding the bucket down. The back side of the hook hit straight on to my right eye. Something so simple and things all changed. Thank God a neighbor who was a resident doctor just happened to come home moments after it all happened. She was far from me on her property but just close enough to barely hear me calling out.

Long story short... I lost my eye. Many surgeries later I now where a prosthetic eye. A odd but now "normal" part of me. Took me a while to figure out my new depth perception and learn that my klutzy life before the accident had additional complications. Steps - curbs - heck, even holes and bumps in the ground now gave me more to concentrate on and try even harder to not fall on my face. Something that yes I did before and now do more often as those around me can attest too. Bumping into store displays and reaching to pick up and grab things only to drop or knock them over... that too is more me than ever before. Today life is back to "normal" and all though Hubby is much more protective over me, things are simply every day life and don't stop me from doing pretty much all that I want to do.

The biggest change - I feel blessed. Each Day I thank God for the blessings he has given me and the blessing of that day. 1/4 inch more and I may not have survived. 10 minutes later and my neighbor would have been inside and never heard me calling out. And Blessed by the family and friends that supported me through the entire situation. Not once was I allowed to get depressed and the mail support from many many many of you readers was the positive personal touches that really brought my daily struggles in recovery easier and gave me smiles and hugs through cards, emails and calls.

I don't relive this day every year, in fact I am not sure why the "Anniversary" of the date stood out to me this year. But it did and I thought after 5 years I needed to thank everyone once more. I pulled out the images that where created by the companies that I loved before and adore now. These images mean so much to me and I love working with them.  I will try and use a few more of them as soon as I can -

Today I am using one from Whimsy Stamps - "Sweet Little Donkey" was given out through A Spoon Full of Sugar from Whimsy and artist Meljen's Designs. I miss the challenge A Spoon Full of Sugar, was a great group of DT and lots of people joined in each week. You can purchase the image now straight from Whimsy Stamps - HERE

I used papers from Farm House Country Kitchen collection. Sewing down the layers, I then cut out the donkey with a Nestie Circle, and matted with another Nestie. The Heart Border is from Whimsy - love it -  The sentiment is Whimsy - Ticket Notes, and it cut out with the coordinating Ticket Die.

Inside more of the same papers -

And the image was colored with Copics - colors here -

Thank you again for being a reader - and your support. It means the world to me -

Off now to get back to normal activities and life -
Hugs and-